Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

Please check if your query is answered here before you contact us as we will not reply to your email if your question has been answered.


  • Do I need to create account to place an order? No. You can check out using the guest checkout option so no additional information needs to be added. But we do encourage you to create one as we like to send our customer gifts from time to time through their account area. These could be free seed offers, discount codes and all sorts of other fun promos. It also stores all of the information about your order including what you ordered and the tracking code if the package had one.
  • How do I access my account? On a desktop computer the login / register button is in the top right corner. On a mobile device it is at the bottom of the menu section in the top left hand corner.
  • I have forgotten my login details – what can I do? Don’t panic, simply click on the “forgotten your password” link and it will send you a reminder/reset option to your email address.

Why is my order status showing as pending/on hold?

This is because we have not been able to complete your order yet. Most commonly it is because we are awaiting the payment from you (if you selected the Cash, Bank transfer or Money order option). It can also be because there is a small issue with your order that requires you to let us know some information. You should have received a note from us about this but it will also show at the bottom of the actual order when you view it.


  • Do I need to do anything to claim my free seeds? No, your free seeds will automatically be included with your order. Our amazing free seed offers are changed regularly to give you the best deals possible. For the most up to date information of the current free seed offers visit our "free seeds" page HERE
  • Has my order been received, is it being shipped? When you checkout correctly you should see a screen displayed telling you the order was received and showing your order reference number. You will receive an automated email to the address you supplied when ordering telling you that the order has been received by our team. Also, if you set up an account with us, the full order details will be added to the “orders” section in your account area. Please then allow 24 hrs (or 24hrs from Monday if ordering over the weekend) for your shipping confirmation to be sent to the email address you supplied. If you do not receive one in this period please check your spam filter, or check for an alternative email from us which may be notifying you of a problem with your order.
  • How do i access my order information? Login to your account by clicking the "login/register" link in the top right corner of the page. In the account area you can view all recent orders you have made with us in the orders section.
  • How Many free seeds will i get and what are they? Every order gets at least 1 free seed here at COF, for a full list of the strains you have received click HERE
  • Where is my order? First of all - don't worry! If you have received an email from us saying it has been shipped and it is on route, then it's on its way. Depending on the level of shipping you selected, you may already have had a tracking code added to your account area, so log in and look in your account area. If you can't remember your details just click on the login/password reminder link in the login screen and follow the instructions on screen. If you have logged in to your account and looked under the “orders” section and you don't see a tracking code, it’s OK. We use a variety of methods to get your souvenirs to you, and some of them don't have tracking. Look at the Shipping and returns section HERE for full details
  • Why haven’t my seeds arrived yet? Firstly, please check the shipping time scale list, 99% of our packages arrive we within theses times. If you have selected the ‘Standard’ delivery option and you have not received your goods within 25 working days of the date of getting your shipping confirmation, please contact us. We will then do our upmost to track down your item through the relevant postal provider as well as supplying you with a proof of postage. However if we are unsuccessful and your item has been lost or stopped on route then we will be unable to resend it free of charge.If you have selected the ‘Stealth’ delivery method, the first thing to do is check your account area in the orders section. Alternatively contact us for a tracking number for your package, as most orders (but not all). Will have one If the tracking reference number shows the package was failed to be delivered we will investigate and if it was lost we will resend it to you if you cover the cost of shipping. Please be aware this does not cover you if the postal details were entered by you incorrectly as it is your responsibility to get your address correct.If you have selected the Guaranteed stealth shipping option, contact us for your tracking number. If your items have been shipped and your tracking reference does not show that it has been delivered, provided the maximum 25 day period has elapsed, we will resend your items to you free, with no questions asked.If you get a package you don't recognize DON’T THROW IT OUT. Many times people may receive a package from us without knowing. Look very carefully through the package and read through any email correspondence from us fully. If you still cannot find your seeds, get in touch and we'll tell you where we've hidden them!
  • Will my seeds be labelled? All strains will be in separate packs clearly marked with the abbreviation of the strain name. In the case of mixed packs (Outdoor mix, Premium Mix, Feminized Mix) these are a random collection of seeds from their relevant categories, mixed in one pack together so each strain is not individually labelled (i.e. they will just be labelled as a mix).


  • Does my order have to come requiring a signature? No, but as your order is delivered by your postal carrier, sometimes they will hold a package at your local post office for you to collect if it is sent with a tracking code. If you do not want it sent requiring a signature please click on the link in the checkout where you can advise us that you would prefer not to need a signature on your items.
  • How long will my order take to arrive? COF makes sure that every order is dispatched within 1 working day of payment being received. We know that you want your beans in a hurry so we don’t hang around! Orders to the US will take 1-3 working days after you receive your shipping confirmation Orders to Continental US will take 5-7 working days after you receive your shipping confirmation;
  • How will my package arrive? Getting your items to you safely and without attention is our number 1 priority. We use a variety of special methods when shipping to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Although the methods do vary, all items will arrive in a completely unmarked plain envelope, sent from the US.
  • What is my tracking code? If you ordered from our website that means your item has been sent with a tracking code, it will be included in your shipping confirmation. If you set us an account when you ordered the tracking code can also be found in the “orders” section of your account area by viewing the relevant order. If you have deleted the shipping email just let us know and we will resend it for you.


  • Do you accept my card type? We try our best to make it as simple as possible to pay for your seeds, for a full list of the payment methods we currently accept see our Payments page
  • How do I pay with bitcoin and save 15% Paying with Bitcoin is super simple, safe and fast; PLUS every order made using Bitcoin automatically receives a 15% discount on top of any sales prices!
    For an easy guide on how to complete your order using Bitcoin - click here
  • How will I know if you have received my money order/ cash order? As soon as your money order or cash payment is received you will be notified by email. These take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive with us and to be processed so don't worry if you haven't heard from us straight away. See our "payments" page for more details on where to send these and how they work.
  • What address do I send my money order or cash payment to? For full details on how to send payments to us please see our Payments page
  • What are my payment options? We accept payment by card,Bitcoin (10% off when you choose bitcoin PLUS double free seeds), Bank transfer (10% off when you choose Bank Transfer PLUS double free seeds), UK postal order, international money order or cash. Please see our payment page HERE for more information.
  • What will my bank / credit card statement say? Your statement will not display anything even remotely connected to the products and will be billed to an unrelated billing name. This is for your complete security and discretion. We change this regularly to keep it safe for you, so if you have ordered and you are in any doubt just drop us an email and we will let you know it’s us.
  • Why is my card payment declining? Chances are your bank is not sure the transaction is real and is blocking it to be safe. This is nothing to worry about and it is very common. All you need to do is give your bank a quick call, tell them you are buying something from a foreign website and to let it go through.